Thread Title Rule

I would just like to say that I think that anyone posting in here and in the Kool Sites should follow cloesly to these guidelines for posting a new thread.

Your thread title should include the website URL (www. and .com/.net/ect. not required).

The title should then state whether the site is Flash or HTML

and then at the end state the authors name (or web nickname).

If everybody follows by these rules then I think it’ll be much easier to navigate this forum and the Kool Sites forum. Because at the moment I find it extrememly irritating to see all of these “MY NEW SITE!!!111 OMG WTF LOL” and in the Kool Sites: “WHAT A SW33T SITE!!!1” when I may have already seen that site yet I don’t know as I am not able to see the name of the site or the URL without clicking that thread link.

If a mod/k agrees with this can they sticky it, otherwise close it.

Thanks, Sammo :mario: