Three Funky Flash Design Conundrums

  1. There was a very funky design motif used a lot in the sixties, the one where dots of different sizes replace black and white pictures, this can be achieved using colour halftone in photoshop.

Now, how do I recreate those dots as a layer in flash? I have tried screening them onto an image and importing that - but they are not crisp, they come out without definition. Vectorise a screen elsewhere? I don’t know.

  1. I can loop music no problem, but how do I get it to loop one loop four times, and then another four times - so that I can use two small loops instead of one huge eight bar loop?

  2. More difficult: earlier amongst these posts a question was posed about inserting dates in Flash, some good code was produced in response (thankyou). What I want to know is whether that code can be adapted so that the dates are shown in a particular font, any ideas?

Answer 3 (the easiest!): your date will be shown in the font you set for the dynamic textbox (you might want to embed the font), so this is really simple.

Answer2: depends on how you set up the looping, if you use a counter, add 1 for each loop, and check the counter before looping again if it’s not equal to 4, it should be simple too…

Answer one: i did not exactly understand what you want to do? Tried tracing a pic in Flash? How is this to be used?..

  1. thanks

  2. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘counter’, the only options I can see are to just paste it in loads, which seems unecessary, or to put a x4 loop and then try and get it to jump to the next x4 loop.

3)The prob I have is importing something as a screen - you know so you can see through the background. I just want the black dots.

I tried just pasting it onto the background I want it on in photoshop and importing the lot across - but because the picture degrades the dots are not crisp. I thought maybe put it into fireworks and vectorise it or something - I don’t know fireworks.

but thanks for your help,


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ok ok - I’m really getting wound up by the sound part now.

One loop x 4 is fine, so I know the sound is edited properly (in soundforge dontchaknow), but I want it to do four and then another loop x2, and its not working.

If I paste four in and then two (I understand from the tute that as symbols this won’t affect the file size) I get little pauses as it flicks between them. And if I loop it on the sound panel I cant get it to move onto the next one.

What am I doing wrong? and am I going to kick myself?