Three telephone boxes in a contact form

Hey room,

I created a contact form that have user inputs for name, comments, and a telephone inputs with three boxes for

the area code, prefix, and the suffix.

when i receive the email after the user hits the submit button I would like to see the open and closed parenthesis for the area code and the - to separate the prefix and suffix.

ig. (770) 343-3432

Here is the code that I wrote

$meessge .= 'Telephone: (' . $phone_areacode . ') ' . $phone_prefix . '-' . $phone_suffix .'

I don’t get any errors but how come i only receive the name and comments from the user? Please help. Thanks.

cause you’re not posting the telephone fields … need to see the rest of your php and your html. only need to see the html that relates to the phone fields

sure the files are attached in this replay. thanks.

hello anyone?

My guess is that your line says meesage instead of message:
$meessge = …