Thumb loading (any ideas on how this is done)

When you click on photography or print, etc…, you’ll see the thumbs animate in. I know an example is alot to ask, so how about if anyone knows of the method used there. XML? duplicateMovieClip? :puzzle:

it looks like a duplicateMovieClip type animation, and then some sort of interval to make them come in one at a time. I have a code that does this somewhere, give me some time and I can dig it up

paradox has right=)


i think there is a clip what when loaded “animates in” inself and when its in it maybe adds 1 to the variable and then duplicates itself and puts the duplicate in the proper location and somewhere else something alwatys checks if the variable every clip adds 1 to equals the number or variable of how much clips do you need total


Ahhhh…okay, so it is very similar (in a sense) to what Scotty provided me with at this thread. Except this would have an animated clip first, which is duplicated, and then a setInterval? Thanks for replies guys.

Yep, in my code the loading acted like a sort of interval;)


Got it, im gonna experiment with this.:beer:

;)You can do it:thumb: