Thumbnail, rollOver, rollOut and Link

hi there, its me. im back with more questions. i think its pretty basic for you guys who knows xml well.

please look at the attachment. i’m sure its worth to look at.

im wondering why i can’t make my rollover and out working.

i sort my array with:

for (i=0; i<totalModels; i++)

then, i put this inside:

model_mc["thumb_"+i].button.onRollOver = function() {
                model_mc["thumb_"+i].shadow_up._alpha = 100;


model_mc["thumb_"+i].button.onRollOut = function() {
                model_mc["thumb_"+i].shadow_up._alpha = 0;

…which is supposed to work…

if you look at the code, model_mc.thumb_(1 to 15).button has their own function now, right?

then, i also need with linking. if i don’t solve this rollover and out issue, then i can’t even make the link :S

Please help…

thx a lot