Thumbnail Scroller with titles for each thumbnail

I’m trying to modify the Gallery with a thumbnail scroller thats on here.

What I want to do is add it so that each thumbnail has a title below it as well.

Does anyone know if this has been covered anywhere? i@ve spent the weekend searching google and here and i’m at my wits end now…

Any help or pointers much appreciated.

Cheers in advance :slight_smile:


What gallery are you talking about. There are about 100 on this site.

Hey :slight_smile:

Sorry its this one:

What i want to do is have a title under each thumbnail.

(well what i eventually want to do is have a title and description to the right of each thumbnail but if I find out how to add a title then i can add more myself) :slight_smile:

Cheers in advance.

I tried doing it by creating a movieclip with the linkage id of thumbText and then instead of creating an empty movieclip for the thumbs to be loaded into having it attach this movie instead and load the thumbs into it.

In the thumbext movieclip theres is a blank area for the thumb and then a dynamic text box for the title.

I used the following code but nothing showed up:

thumbnail_mc.attachMovie (“thumbText”, “thumbText”+k, thumbnail_mc.getNextHighestDepth(), _x:17.5, _y:30});

and put this inside the thumbnails_fn

any help?

Think i’ve worked out how to do it but cant seem to do it.

heres the code that creates the thumbnails:

 function  thumbnails_fn(k)  {

thumbnail_mc.createEmptyMovieClip("t"+k, thumbnail_mc.getNextHighestDepth());
tlistener = new Object();
tlistener.onLoadInit = function(target_mc) {

target_mc._x = hit_left._x+(eval("thumbnail_mc.t"+k)._width+5)*k;
target_mc.pictureValue = k;
target_mc.onRelease = function() {

p = this.pictureValue-1;

target_mc.onRollOver = function() {

this._alpha = 50;

target_mc.onRollOut = function() {

this._alpha = 100;


image_mcl = new MovieClipLoader();
image_mcl.loadClip(thumbnails[k], "thumbnail_mc.t"+k);


is there a way i can use actionscript to create a dynamic text field within there and then assign the title value from the array i created at beginning of file?

i’m guessing i need to assign my movie clip with the text fields in to each image thats created

thumbnail_mc.createEmptyMovieClip(“t”+k, thumbnail_mc.getNextHighestDepth());

so would that be thumbnail_mc.t

or how do i get it to attach to each instance ie t0 t1 t2 t3…

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managed to get it working! :slight_smile: