Tic tac toe help!


How do i clear an array of values using the language C++

the code that sets the values is in a function


p.s. my ultimate aim is to allow the user to play the game multiple times with a fresh board each time, if anyone can help ive left the file here:):wink:

wouldnt intialise() do it?

thanks senocular, ive tried that and it doesnt seem to work maybe its the rest of my code?

I’ve got a function called initialise, which sets the values to nothing when the first game is played. My problem is setting it to nothing a second time the game is played!

I’ve used this initialise() function in the main code but it doesn’t work.

if you want to look at my code it up in my last thread

the bit that doesn’t seem to work properly is at the very bottom which starts: -

if (status=‘1’)

any help??