Tile based Boundary problem. (AS2)

Hello community.

I have this wierd problem with flash that I can’t understand. I am in the middle of making a tile based engine, and I have decided to do boundaries by hit testing a MC in the tile in question. Well if you will donwload my file and take a look…


You will find that in line 34 it states thus:

if (!gameMC.tiles.tile_3_4.hitTest(gameMC.you._x+newx, gameMC.you._y+newy, true)) {
gameMC.you._x += newx;
gameMC.you._y += newy;

And that is great and all seeing how tile_3_4 is the grayed out block if you test the program. But when I walk over to tile_3_4 it does not stop me while on the other hand tile_0_0 (top left) does the appropriate behavior that 3_4 if supposed to do. Please someone help me figure this out.


PS, I don’t know how long it will be till I get back to this but under 24 hours.