Tile based game

how would i go about making a game with a tile based format? My goal is to replicate the warhammer 40,000 playing experience. I have the idea of using guidlines and having each point as a movie clip in which you would tell a “piece” to attach to. This would give the effect of it moving in that direction. How can this be done?

sweet, good resource, thanks

no problem :smiley:

hey man that really is a great source and its ganna help a lot. Now i would like to ask everyone what kind of game you may want to see. I am definitely doing a warhammer 40000 game but someone suggested a halo version that would be similar look to the zelda snes game. Im open for suggestions.

How about a Metal Gear?

hmm ive never played it but i have the impression that its a spinter cell style game. Anymore suggestions?

I think he means the original Metal Gear without the new fangled 3d graphics and such. :slight_smile:

i havnet played any of the metal gear solids.