Timeline control of external movie

Hi guys:

Do you see the smoke around my head? Well, right now im trying to deal wth this problem. Im prolly a lil rusty seems the last time i saw Flash was version 4.

Anyway, here is the problem:

Let say i got two movies: main.swf and moho.swf. What main.swf have inside is only one frame with a couple of graphics. And moho.swf (btw, did in Moho, u know the 2d animation software where u cant use AS.) that have 80 frames.

So simple, what i need is to load moho.swf on main.swf. I already did that. But i want to be able to control moho.swf timeline so when moho movie reach its last frame (80) then go to its frame 60 and then again 80, and loop.

I think you updated flashers can help me easily with this one. TY in advance.