Timeline slider?

Hey guys, anyone know of some code that will allow the timeline to be scrubbed through using a slider – similar to that of a quicktime / Media player slider used in video / mp3 players ??

some help ./ sample etc will be greatly appreciated…

Cai Pixi. :ch:

Flashloaded.com has a free compontent that might solve your problem:




Thanks for your response Tony… I know about this one allready, and was actually needing the xact same thing, in its FLA form / non componenet form - for developement in an application I am building. If any one else knows where I can get the source for the exact same thing in FLA / AS fromat… much appreciated

I think sen has one in his fla collection …

Hey Voets thanks mate, Stuart managed to write one quickly, but wow if u guys havent seen senoculars library of stuff, have a lookee, awesome stuff there!