Timeline Update (final product)

so this is the result of 15+ hours of endless tweakin’ on my school timeline…



  1. before you open the file ‘timeline.swf’ make sure that both files ‘timeline.swf’ and ‘dates.xml’ are in the same folder. (desktop is OK too.)

  2. open ‘timeline.swf’ (skip to step 7 if it will not open.)

  3. notice what you have in front of you on the ‘stage’.
    there is a horozontal timeline with dates lined up along it.
    there are two gradients, one at the top and one at the bottom (those are buttons by the way)
    there is a title block in the lower right hand corner (fancy eh? :-D)

  4. to get started, click on the first (or any) date.
    in this case, the first in the one farthest to the left.

  5. ah HA! notice the smooooth animation? very dynamic and very nice.

  6. now that you are zoomed in, you may either:
    a) click on another date to zoom to it.
    b) click on the UPPER or LOWER gradient to move the timeline up or down, respectively
    c) click OUTSIDE of the timeline to zoom out partially (once partially zoomed out, you may click OUTSIDE again to zoom all the way out to where you started. or click on a date to zoom back in.)

  7. that’s it and happy navigation!.

7. if the file will not open, try this:
      a) right click on the file.
      b) click on 'open with'
      c) select internet explorer from the list

8. if this works, go back to step 3 and continue.

okay so let me know what you all think and tomorrow i'll be finding out what my teacher thinks D: