Timer problem

I am making a simple game, which involves running around and trying not to get abducted by aliens. Right now I am having just one problem, if i want a different time for each level I would have to keep making different timers.

Is there a way to set an input text box to use a variable that was time[lvl#], so on level one it would use time one, level two time two, etc? If there is a way to get that to work then I would be able to just change the lvl variable in each new frame instead of making a new timer each time.

I know it isn’t that big of a deal, but in the future I will probably have this same issue, and resolving it easily now seems like the best idea.

Also here is the beggining of the game, I am open to all suggestions. I plan to put in some items and make it look nicer once I get the necesities like timers working.