[timing] function timing - delay in script

Hi all,

Back again to find help provided by helpfull flashers :bu:

Right now i have the following script

var speed = 20;
MovieClip.prototype.slideIt = function(whereX) {
	this.onEnterFrame = function() {
		this._x += (whereX-this._x)/speed;
		if (Math.abs(this._x-whereX)<1) {
			this._x = whereX;
			delete this.onEnterFrame;

green.onRollOver = function() {	
green.onRollOut = function() {

What i want to do is pretty simple, i want the onRollOver to be delayed for a few seconds before it runs the slideIt script.

I searched on kirupa for similar actions and found this

but how can i implement this in my own script ? tried a few things but all it does is either nothing or even more nothing …

Need some help on this - Thanks in advance