Tint on rollOver

hello… i wonder if i can do a button that on rollOver do math.random so it automatic change the tint on a movieclip???


[color=darkred]	tellTarget("text_effect")[/color]
	[color=olive]//and something here [/color]
[color=olive]	 (change tint with math.random) arent good at as :(


//tested on Flash MX
on (rollOver) {
	new Color(this).setRGB(random(256) | random(256) << 8 | random(256) << 16);

replace this (from the code) to the name of your movieclip.

Thanks man! its working perfect!! i wonder if i can set a max to the color? so it doesnt get so white likeing. like the RGB is max 190

yeah, just change 256 to whatever max you want.

ok thanks