Tiny little spiders

hey whats up
i attached an fla of some mock site - spider.com

i would like to have tiny, discreet spiders crawling around in various places - like up the left side and to the right

if anyone can help me with this - prolly dupMC or whatever
id really appreciate it

bueller? bueller?

Just a start

Btw, the spider does go across again, just at random times, so you might have to wait for it.

thx flex - you are truly talented

heres what blows my mind
ok the actions that are on the spider MC :

onClipEvent (load) {
function reset() {
ex = 20;
s = (random(5)+5);
this._x = 760;
_alpha = 100;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
go = random(10);
if (go == 1) {
_x -= s;
yn = random(50);
if (_x<ex && yn == 1) {
if (_x<250) {

did you just sit down at your comp and go “hmmm lets see” and just rattle off that code from your head?
this is amazing to me if its true and i would love to be on that level but have no clue where to begin.
how the HELL do you know exactly what as to use -function reset, yn=random…gah i have a headache
this is all so confusing
not to be a p.i.t.a. but if you could explain it like you would to a momo like me id really appreciate it

Hi pixel_fiend, please pose your code with the code tage as there are some problems with tags getting mixed up with smilies at the moment.

Btw the code is very simple actionscript.

Give me your email address in a private message and I’ll email you with an explanation. Like I said - it’s very simple.

Here is the fla with comments

thanks flex
its great to have a place like this that you can truly learn from
ive learned more from being on these pages for 2 weeks than ive learned from 4 years of college - NO JOKE

ill message you with my email
thx again

Hehe. I didn’t like college - didn’t like the idea of “conforming”. Check your pm’s.

Correction in the fla. - The bit where it says “speed is a random number from 5 to 5” should read “5 to 10”.

thx for your efforts flex

unfortunately its 4 am here and i drank too much last night
so i need SLEEPY

i will check the fla first thing in the mornin after a big ass cup of coffee

hi flex, the comments in the fla were very helpful

i wrote some questions in the fla i attached
check the actions on your little spider

Check your private messages.