Tips to more efficient AS

Can anybody give me any tips on reducing the amount of resource needed to run the script??

is there an alternative to ‘enterframe’ :-??


It all depends on what your trying to accomplish.

mouseMove is an alternative to enterFrame, but it all depends on the effect you are looking to achieve.


(1)Always try your best to understand scripting.

If not ask another person dont stop trying to understand code.

(2)When you get Script do experiments with it make somthing with it.

(3)Whatever script you get make sure you do experiments with it like 5 times.

(4)Make tutorials about the scriipt you learned.

Because nieether what script you get they always connect.

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[AS]jubbaBetter = false;
!jubbaBetter ? trace(“true”) : trace(“man i suck”);[/AS]


I love these new AS tags.

jubba = "Awesome";
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jubbaBetter = false;
!jubbaBetter ? trace("true") : trace("man i suck");


I love these new AS tags. **

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to further expand on the subject

Apparently using frame progression is even more efficient then onClipEvent(enterFrame). For example, having your setup script on frame 1, your running script on frame 2 and a gotoAndPlay(2) on frame 3. This was common in Flash 4 to get onEnterFrame event functionality and keeps any single movieclip from having to mess with onClipEvent events (or its own onEnterFrame for MX)

tweens arent necessarily that slow either. Ive done tests before with 100+ moving objects using tweens and actionscript, and the tweens usually end up going faster. It really depends on what you are trying to do here though. Motion with actionscript and tweens are different beasts. There are times when tweens will be better for the job and there are times when you woud have to use actionscript. Its all depends on context and what is trying to be achieved.

mouseMove is an alternative to enterFrame, but it all depends on the effect you are looking to achieve.

Size matters though (yes what they say is a lie! it DOES matter!) where the smaller the area of change on the screen, the faster Flash will be able to redraw it. (and yes, transparency hurts!)

playamarz mentioned in the other thread that RAM isnt a problem, and thats true. I wouldnt feel constrained in terms of memory resources. You have plenty to work with. And if it DOES become a problem, then Flash isnt the right vehicle for that project.

actionscript-wise, see

You can read that too: