Ok…man…one question did you make this guestbook or did you get it from somewhere else cause i saw one with the same style at
and they said it’s from vbulletin. So… which is it…i’m curious…

scroll down to find your answer

Guestbook? :h:

This forum is vBulletin, version 3 I think. Lots of folk out there use it.


p.s. Legoman means at the very bottom of every page where Kirupa puts the credits - copyright, hosting, etc.

upsss…you’re right…sorry…
I made a guestbook…not as cool as this one but also very cool and i was wondering if i could sell it… will anyone buy it?

What guestbook are you talking about? :hr:

sure man. :h:

I will buy it for 300,000 USD

lol…can we see it before the bidding starts? :trout:

nope…it’s a bit secret right now…it will be verry customizable. I’ll launch it soon…but i was just wondering if it will be a succes or not…

Hum forums and guestbooks are like watermelons and peas… not at all the same thing.

With a guestbook you can’t do a tenth of what you can do with a forum, and there are myriads of free customizable ones on the web… so - good luck !

I’ve never seen a guestbook being sold. And the service that offers guestbooks are free.


He´s almost doing a deal here! :stuck_out_tongue:

lol…sorry…made a mistake…i ment a forum…not a guestbook

well i don’t exactly know what to think of that - I’m not being mean but you’ve made a program and call it a guestbook, but wait its a full-on forum?

Also you’d have to compete with other forums that are free - for example phpBB - which has tons of free add-ons and themes already - it’d have to be a pretty mad wicked cool forum…

lol…you’re probably right

it’s threads like this that make me wish I was dead.


know the feeling RMB, know the feeling group hug :smiley:

::slowly draws machette::


STOP!!! I no longer wish to die!

That text in your footer has given me a new reason to live. hahahaha

“Naked Iraqi Prisoner Pyramids” :beam:

it’s threads like this that make me wish I was dead.

it’s threads like this that make me forget my hangover and lough :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm… I could’ve sworn I posted in this thread :h: … oh well it was a pointless post anyway :sure:

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