Tofuisonmyside, please help!

This post is for tofuisonmyside.

Since you already went through my complicated code (see post, and were able to help me (thank you so much!), i have a question for you.

So I deleted the 2 lines
and everything seemed to work again. except that i am not able to resize the big images now to 40x40, but oh well, i just made thumbnails by hand and called those instead.

now, the question.
if you go to, you’ll see that in the output window, everything loads in order. however, you’ll notice that the thumbnails don’t actually SHOW UP untill after EVERYTHING has finished loading. if you miss it the first time, delete temporary files and try again, you have to look quick (or test it on dialup)

why this happens, i have no clue? it’s almost kinda like the flash doesn’t refresh the screen until after everything finishes loading. and even though the thumbnails are already loaded, they don’t show up until after the last line in output window finishes running.

you can download the working source file (with all photos already there) at thanks for looking.