Toggle button problem

I’d like to create a toggle button for example I’ve a button inside a mc…now if I click it’ll zoom(that’s ok) and the

very next time I click it it’ll go back to it’s earlier position i.e. the button should work as a toggle button


Well u can try making two different MC’s for this , now set a variable whenever u click on that button,and u can set its value true or false or anything like that and then send the button to the specific movie clip.Like if its true for first time then send it to movie clip where it is zoomed out and set the value of variable to false there or if it is true send to the mc where it is zoomed in and set the var to true over there.On the button u can put a script to check whether the value of variable is true or false and negate it accordingly and send it to the approcriate mc. Hope it works fine.

 on (press) {
  if (pressed) {
    zoom () ;
    pressed = false ;
  } else {
    unzoom () ;
    pressed = true ;

Something like that.

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