Toggle Issue

I am having an issue with the toggle state of a couple of buttons in a dropdown menu system.

the first menu is empty. For this demonstration it has no purpose but to move the main time line from from frame 1, to frame 2.

The second menu (on frame 3) turns off and on two movie clips that are loaded externally. I have no problem initially loading them, and no problem turning them off and on with the toggle switch’s loadMovie and unloadMovie commands.

The problem comes when I’ve unloaded a movie using the toggle button in the second menu, then click on the first menu. When I’ve clicked on the 2nd menu again, the toggle switch isn’t in the same state that it was last left in. I have no idea how to make it remember which state it was in.

Is there someway I could ask,
“If movie is not loaded, got to off state.
If movie is loaded, go to on state.” ?

Please help if you can.