Too Many Smilies!

<doctor nick riviera voice > Hello everybody < ./DNR voice >

What’s up with this random smilies thing when you’re composing a post. There are so many smilies that often times I have to click that ‘more’ button and search through 100’s of smilies just to get the laughing or smiling smiley. This is really cutting into my spamming! <insert big smiley smiley >

I propose that that k-team make it so that only half the smilies that show up when composing a post are randomized and the other half be the most frequently used smilies.



can we have a "personal smilie favourites toolbar?"
something like those smilies displayed on the first click that the user uses most (instead of some random ones).

I am sure kirupa has too much time at the moment, so he can do that :wink:


:beer: is the only smile you need to know…

Mcgiver you have to stop posting on these forums because everytime I run across your game I have to play it. lol

Personalized smiley toolbar is an excellent idea! C’mon kirupa!

Hmm - a personal smiley toolbar seems complicated. I’ll see if something can be done :stuck_out_tongue: I just memorized the ones that I use the most.

just learn the important ones.


yep, that’s what i did

:slight_smile: :trout: :stuck_out_tongue: :beer: :frowning: :ear: :huh:

yeah, just remember the ones you use :slight_smile: I rarely look up smilies because I know most of those that I use. Most others are pretty selfexplanatory, like ear, nose, pope, love, mario, scream, rambo, jail, crazy … shweew! What words don’t we have smilies for?

sex? :sex: see it doesnt work!!

There can never be too many smiles.

Lol sen thats a good one. Looks like he’s blowing up his muscle with air.

I don’t think it’s that hard to remember “:)” or “:P”

Sen, if you don’t mind. Can I steal your muscle smiley and throw it in my footer?

I dont mind, use any of them all you want however you want

you can never have enought smilies.!!! It’s stupid to think thusly!..

yeah, we should add one smilie for every noun in englisch language!

Sen: you take all nouns that start with a

the letter A starts on page 1 of my Oxford advanced learners dictionary and ends on page 73.
there are approximately 10 nouns per page.

=~730 smilies

do you think you can do that till the end of the month?

well my vacation starts today :!:

how about next month? And I only have Websters unabridged dictionary. What if they have different nouns???

and what about the verbs? like :run: ?

:sen: > :run:

if you want you can do the verbs too :stuck_out_tongue:

btw.: run is a noun too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hehe priceless :smiley:

lol at Script Flippers footer… :lol:

Don’t tell me you have to actually look for and click on the Smiling Smiley. You can’t remember the simple : )

Haha, Thats funny.