Too much audio in flash?

Ok, so I have this movie… it’s about ten mintues long in running, and adds up to a little under 1MB in animation alone. It’s an awesome movie I made for Newgrounds and I’m sure everyone will like it… but… it needs music and sound effects. But when I got to think about it, there are too many places that need sound effects, and a combo of sound and music would be too much space. I’m trying to go no higher than 4MB. I have seen several other movies with just music and no sound, and they were great. So what do you guys do for “dramatic movies?”

Right now I’m banking on just good music, cause sometimes music alone can make a movie much better than just sounds. Anyways, if someone wants to see my movie in the nonaudio version (save for a few parts) then I can publish it and put a link up.


oh, almost forgot, the reason I’m hesitant with music is that a while ago I added a full length song to a movie I was working on, and it messed the file up or something… It wont preview or anything. and the filesize was huge. But I also think that was before I knew you could convert everything to MP3’s.

actually I disagree. I prefer sound effects over an audio track. Much like 2advanced (and the plethora of other sites out there)…they have an audio loop, but their site is composed mainly of sound effects. thats what makes the site good…IMO