Too sad...;(

Its really sad see that the people here dont help the others…yesterday I post a thread and nobody at least read the message…but this ok…again I will ask to you help, please. Help me here

:rambo:tnx a lot and sorry 4 my english…

You just posted it yesterday I am sure someone will eventually answer it there are tons of people here who help a lot you just have to be patient.

You have to realize there are more question askers than there are question answerers as well. As as those of us who do aswer questions work, in our free time for that matter, its not always easy to get to everyone, especially right away.

In the mean time you should try searching for the answer yourself. And, if you find it, post it in your thread so others may learn from your example if they too are searching for a solution to a similar issue.

Since this thread is redundant, Im closing it. Feel free to go back to your original thread, NeoDKS, if you want to elaborate on your question to make it easier for others to understand in order to help you (and to “bump” it up the forum listing a bit).