Toolbar & menubar removal

Hi guys,

I m new to this forum & flash. I need to create a wbt which can run thru a 56K modem. could someone suggest what all things shd be taken into consideration.
secondly i want to know how can toolbar & menu bar of browser be removed when i publish it.


I can’t take the pole, cause I’m a pain in the arse. I’ll explain why. In general, tool bar removal is useful IF other methods, better than they, are provided to accomplish the tasks of the missing tool bars.
In addition People don’t like popups. Flash is getting a slight tarnishing, I think from the amount of crap popups which plague the web. So if you are making a professional site, I suggest not removing any tools, or making anything pop open if you can avoid it. Exceptions of course might be for images that you want to pop open when a thumbnail is pressed. People expect those to ocure.
If it’s just a personal site, and you want to play and experiment, then I highly recomend learning how to use popups. Creating good useful popups are what we all need.
Anyway… the typical tooless window is created using a popup from javascript.
The tutorial to do that is located on tutorials section under “Chromeless Window tutorial”. It explains pretty well how to do this effect, controling the tools, and the window location, size etc.

I voted anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks david!!

this will be a commercial site for kids to learn & play.