Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate Edwin

  1. His girlfriend’s hot, and mine’s not (what she don’t know won’t hurt her, hehe…)

  2. WACOM

  3. Se no habla espagnol…

  4. He likes jumping over things (why the hell would anyone?)

  5. He can draw

  6. His girlfriend’s house is the size of my neighborhood.

  7. He lives in California

  8. He has no responsabilities

  9. I want to to tell him:


i love you too thor lol :slight_smile:

we are a goofy bunch…edwin got some putang on his birthday…what else could a man want?

Who’s Edwin guys and what is Putang? Need to know please…


vts is edwin, hang around some more :slight_smile:

as for putang, yeah, what’s that?

Happy Birthday Edwin! Completely forgot about that :slight_smile: LOL thoriphes.

[ I think this post should be moved to Random? ]

putang…is not something to be described. poontang, is an experience. there is no adjective sufficient enough to describe such a state. poontang, my friends, is the female genitalia.

Thoriphes is the correct one indeed :wink:

lol… happy b-day Edwin sir… may you’re hand flow freely upon the Wacom, and may her hand flow freely … well, ok, we wont go there.