I have made a nav button for my page, only one of the buttons work. I used the symbol button for each. I click e-mail and it works, i click movies or anything else it dosen’t. Why?

Good question. Wait a second, I’ll get my magic wand, a crystal ball and I’ll tell you.\rI see… an error in your script… yes, that’s it, an error in your script.\r\rReally, can’t you be more precise, post your code, your fla, something ??\r\rpom 0]

HTML Comments are not allowed

HTML Comments are not allowed

****it…no html…yeesh…I’ll keep tryin to do it myself.

y are you trying to do html comments? just copy and past the code from one of your buttons or post the FLA on your site and give us the URL. then we’ll (they’ll) help.

I think that you can solve that problem using “code” between [] at the start of you HTML code, and “/code” at the end.

 it just gives a strange look to your text...

pom 0]