Total PHP noob needs help!

Okay, i’m a total noob to php. I’m trying to pass in a variable from flash (that should be no problem) and use it to delete a record from a MYSQL db. The php I have so far returns a result variable but doesn’t appear to actually delete the row from the MYSQL table!

help! the config file i include works for other db stuff like adding a row, returning recordsets, etc. just not deleting!



//this line includes the database connection variables

$deleteUser = $_POST['user'];
$deletePass = $_POST['pass'];

if ($deletUser && $deletePass ) {
$query = "DELETE FROM auth WHERE username=$deleteUser";
    $result = mysql_query($query) or die("Delete Failed!");

if ( $result ){
 print the variables to the output in order to let flash read them 
$message= $result;
$vars = "" ; 
$vars .= "createUserStatus=" . $message ; 

echo $vars ; 
} else {
$message= "Error - Could not delete user.";
$vars = "";
$vars .= "message=".$message;
echo $vars;