Tournament Bracket Submission Form

Hey everyone.

I want to make a tournament bracket in Flash MX where people could enter the victories and scores in input text boxes and be able to submit the results to my e-mail.

It’ll probably be similar to a regular e-mail submission form. In the e-mail that is sent, it’d like it to be something like:

[Austin, Round 1]
#1 Kansas 98
#16 Davidson 71

[Syracuse, Round 2 ]
#1 North Carolina 80
#9 DePaul 76



[(which bracket the match is in), (round number)]
(team rank) (team name) (score)
(team rank) (team name) (score)

Now, I’d like the user to only have to take care of entering the team rank, name, and scores. The bracket and round should be determined by the name of the input text boxes, or if there’s another way.

I hope someone knows what I’m trying to do here. Shouldn’t be hard at all, I’m just not very good with PHP.

I’d like to know how to do the ActionScript and PHP to pull this off. It’d be greatly appreciated.