Trace a String defined in "main.swf" from an external swf

is it possible to trace/get a variable that’s defined in a “main” .swf, from an external SWF that has been loaded onto the “main” SWF?

for example, if i have 2 SWF files called “main.swf” and “sub_page.swf”…
the code in “main.swf” is:

 // create and define a variable
var currentInformation:String;
currentInformation = "this is just a test...";

// load the external swf

function loadSubPage():void
    var addressOfRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest("includes/sub_page.swf");
    var loader:Loader = new Loader()
    loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, addPage);

function addPage(loadEvent:Event):void

the code in the “sub_page.swf” is:

// try to trace the variable defined in "main.swf"
emptyTextBox.text = String(currentInformation);

would this be possible?
im a currently getting errors as of now…
i tried putting “Object(root)” before “currentInformation” and it still wont work…