Tracing fontClass

Hi all,

Hope everyone’s well, just a quick question. I’m loading external font swf’s, when using the textFormat class, the fonts come through perfectly and I am able to style them as I need. However I would like in time to move over to an external stylesheet, mainly because I would like to use both methods depending on the type of projects im doing at the time.

When I try to use the stylesheet and call the font that is needed nothing comes through, I have done a trace on the fontClass and get undefined for the fontName, fontStyle and fontType. I am only using a simple example at the moment as below

var _stylesheet : StyleSheet = new StyleSheet();
_stylesheet = CSSFile.getStyleSheet( "defaultCSS" );        

var t : TextField = new TextField();
t.htmlText = "<h1>Test</h1>"
t.embedFonts = true;
t.styleSheet = _stylesheet;
addChild( t )

I know the stylesheet is working because I can manipulate the colour and size when embed fonts is not on the textfield. But im unable to use the desired externally loaded font…

Anyone have any ideas why?