Tracking clicks from xml video player

I’m trying to figure out how to track clicks from an xml fed video streamer. I read the article at Google about adding the event to a basic Flash button:

But how do you compile the info from an external XML document?
The beauty of XML is the ease of switching out content. I just don’t know enough about AS to tell it to not only stream the video but also to send urchinTracker info back to my Analytics report.

Here’s an article I found that’s getting me …closer:

And here’s the code I’m using based on a Video Jukebox tutorial I found online:

    // variable declarations
var menu_xml:XML = new XML();
var liListener:Object = new Object();                               // Listener Step 1: create generic Listener object
var menuURL:String = "videomenu.xml";

var media_pb:mx.controls.MediaPlayback;

    // function declarations
function traverseXML (node_xml:XMLNode):Void {
  var rootElement_xml:XMLNode = node_xml.firstChild;                // always start by accessing root node;
  var nbrElements:Number = rootElement_xml.childNodes.length;       // make for() loop cleaner;

    selection_li.addItem(" ~~ Select a Video ~~ ", "");
    for(i=0; i<nbrElements; i++) {                                  // loop through child nodes
        label_str = rootElement_xml.childNodes*.attributes.label; // label attribute
		data_str  = rootElement_xml.childNodes*;  // data attribute
        selection_li.addItem(label_str, data_str);

    // event callbacks
menu_xml.onLoad = function (success) {
    if (success) {
        traverseXML(menu_xml);         // walk through all child nodes
    } else {
        status_txt.text = "Error accessing " + menuURL;

liListener.change = function (eventObj) {         // Listener Step 2:
    if ( != "") {
        title_txt.text =;
        media_pb.setMedia(, "FLV" );;                          // play if stopped

    // initial frame actions
menu_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
menu_xml.load( menuURL );
selection_li.addEventListener("change", liListener); // Listener Step 3:

And my xml string looks like:

    <selection label="Test Video01  Date: 2007/03/12" data="flv/video01.flv" />
    <selection label="Test Video02 Date: 2007/03/12" data="flv/video02.flv" />

I just want to track the “data” (not the “selection label”).

thanks for any help you can offer!