Trails with the AS in the MC

iv looked around and found nothing on puting trails on a movie clip, but putting the action script in the clip it’s self. what i want is to move the MC dynamicly (hittest in this case)and have trails that follow the MC differently when the parent clip is played in reverse or forward.

heres the site im working on, it my first real site and first draft so its quite plain. if your curious…

:insert confused smiley: What are you trying to do exactly? Any examples?

hehe i figured that might happen. in that site when you roll over the services button 2 movie clips play forward. when you roll out they play in reverse. each of the movie clips have lines that lead the masking effect. i want the lines to have a trail that follows them both forward and reverse.

forward: trails…Line > moving this way
Reverse: moving this way < Line…trails

i saw a tut on how to make the onion skin effect, but it used frame actions. i would much rather have the script in the movie clip so i can move it around dynamicly. in this case a button’s states controll the movie clip and not a standard tween.

in other words, i want to like duplicate the clip a few times, move them back a few steps, and make them more and more transparent as they get further away from the original MC.

hope that makes more sense

Check the kirupa lab, something called Mouse Trailer :slight_smile:

whoa, i never even noticed that part of the site. that mouse trailer is a bit pass me. if i do exstract some code from it i can use on a movie clip or moving grapic i shall have a cookie.

maybe this thread will help…
motion trail thread :slight_smile:

ha! thanks, i so didnt see that when i did my search.