Transfer Flash to Betacam

Hello All,

Anyone knows how to transfer
a Flash movie to Betacam?

I have to make a cartoon for a client.
They want me to transfer it in Betacam.
Do you think it’s a good idea?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Neuhaus3000 :slight_smile:

export it into an mpg, and burn it on a cdr as a vcs and record it into the beta player it should work, oh btw if youre using movie clips make sure you export the swf and then import it again since any flash animation that will be used in video must be in a single timeline with no movie clips if you need help encoding the mpg or making a vcd go here and check out some of the tutorials :beam:

Hey Grimdeath,

Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

Do you know what should be my
workspace dimensions in Flash?
Do I use the 4:3 ratio?

You wouldn’t have a quick tip on
how to convert the .swf in .mpg? :wink:

Did you ever try to convert a .swf
on a DVD?

Thanks again :beam:


Just choose .mpg or .avi or whatever the option is in the “publish movie” option. Be careful though as with some codecs the file size can be huge, I’d be very cautious as to which codec you use, I reccomend either DiVex (which costs some cash) or the Windows Media Codec, either make fore decent quality and not a huge file size.

Hey ndevore007,

Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

From FlashMX, I can save it in avi.
Then, I think I need to convert it in .mpg
(that I don’t know how to do). :sleep:

My animation will be 4 minutes long.

I’m also looking for a company in my area
that can transfer my .swf on Betacam.
It will save me from a few headaches. :beam:

For now, I’m curious to know what
should be the dimensions of my workspace
in FlashMX.

Any idea?


To Convert to .Mpg you would need a third party encoder which you can find online just do a search. From there you have two options as I see it.

  1. Hook up your betacam recorder to your PC (via video outs on your video card if you got em) (BTW: I’m not familer with betacam I’m guessing you can record to it sorta like a VCR, if I am way off track here just ignore it)
  2. Make a VCD on your PC which you can view on your DVD player and then connect the outputs on your DVD payer to the betacam recorder (once again I’m assuming about the betacam)

I would reccomend the second way as it would probably yield better quality, a DVD player plays video well, your desktop you have to deal with everything else in the background.

As For Your Dimension I’d go with the stadered NTSC Resolution, can’t tell you off the top of my head but it’s not all that much.

Hey ndevore007,

I found the perfect solution! :slight_smile:

Someone will convert it for me :whistle:
I just need to put it in .avi format (NTSC).
He’ll do the rest… :thumb:

The dimensions are 720 X 486

Thanks for your great info!


yeah but its better if you learn how to do it IMHO anyways its quite easy to put it on a dvd and make a dvd or a vcd out of it you just need tmpgenc itll do the job :wink:

Even Roxio CD Creator 5 Will Do It. (I think only the platinum version though)