Transfer of Data from MS Expression to CVS File

Does anyone know how I can extract Expression Web 4 data into a CVS file or a different web/ecommerce platform, so that my site has responsive web design and up to date ecommerce standards? My organic SEO ranking is plummeting and it’s killing my business. Please help!

Can you explain what data you want to export to a CVS file?

My guess is that they mean CSV, and the goal would be to migrate a site/app from Silverlight to HTML5, probably via SquareSpace or something.

Also it’s probably a spam post…

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I agree with you krilnon
It could be a spam post !!

It is definitely a spam post. I was just humoring him/her. Sometimes you get some interesting responses :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha ,NIce one !!

When I see spambots trying to fit in here:

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