Transfer value from one page to another


Hi just want to create a custom login form of this page “”
So how do i transfer value(user name and password) from my custom login page to this page to login


please help


You have to be more specific about what you’re trying to do. What do you mean by a custom login page? Do you man an alternate page on another website that people would go to instead of this one to login to that page? If so, I’m assuming this would be for personal use? Since any page like that is exactly what hackers would use to steal other people’s passwords.


well i am not trying to hack any website here’s the process:
Create a new login page with new UI
Get user name and password from that new page
And post that user name and password on that school website(“”)
am i working on new login page beacause the actual page has no good UI



please help


Your first step would be to copy the HTML of the page, put it in your page, then change action in the form tag to make sure it properly points to the original page URL since you’re coming from a different page. This way when someone submits the form, it should send the same information (unless they’re doing something funky under the covers) and as long as the action is changed and correct, will be sending it to the same location.

If that doesn’t work you may need to check the network logs to see where things are different - this assuming its a simple form submission and not anything more complex. If so, you might be better off making a browser extension to reformat that page rather than trying to make your own page.