"Transition Between External SWFs" tutorial help

I’m using this great tutorial for my portfolio. Now, the thing is that I have an animated Movie Clip in the midframe area of the external SWFs. A simple transition between pictures.
Now, when I’m loading another SWF on the menu the outro-frames starts playing but it always starts fading on the first picture.
I want this changed so that it will fade on the current frame at that moment. Am I being clear, or is it all fuzzy?

Is this done with some sorts of variable? Calling the current frame number from the MovieClip and then fading from there?

Any help is really appreciated since I don’t know jack about AS.

This is the thing I’m working on: www.subfusc.se/temporary/temporary.html

If you first press on “Flesh” in the menu, and then press “Molkom Folkhögskola” you can see the transformation and what I need to change.

Thank you so much!