Transition of External SWF Files Question

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum so I do hope I am posting in the proper area. (Forgive me if im not!)

I have a question on the External SWF Transition Turtorial. I followed all the steps and the script worked great! I used an on rollOut command instead of on release. It is really cool how the script works but what I am trying to figure out is how to make the external SWF go away if it is not being mouseovered on. What I mean is say you have 4 menu buttons, and you have clicked on all 4 and say your last click was the forth button, the external SWF on that 4rth button that was called never goes away (it only goes away if you click on another button but then that one doesnt go away). So that is my dilemma, how do I make the SWF files go away with the Transition External Turtorial on Kirupa? It is probably something simple but maybe not? I am not an advance actionscript person but I would guess the solution would lie in the ‘else if’ section of the script?

Here is the script that is placed on the button:

on (rollOver) {
if (_root.currMovie == undefined) {
_root.currMovie = “section1”;
} else if (_root.currMovie != “section1”) {
if (container._currentframe >= container.midframe) {
_root.currMovie = “section1”;;

Any help would be greatly appreciate!

Jenny :hr: