Transition problem (followed Claudio's tut)

i tried posting this question on flashkit but no replies there so maybe you guys might know since i go the tut here!! =)

i had followed this preloader transition tutorial (…_transition.htm ) and everything works fine, so no preloader problems!!!


i would like to get the same effect as the transition done in i had asked the designer of that site if i could go about doing the same effect by following the tutorial above but no luck.
i tried changing the mask to zero alpha, etc but the external swf’s just appear, the mask does not work.

i tried doing another effect by using a different preloader and setting a mask underneath it, i followed this post:
i somewhat understand this but i want to mask an external swf not jsut an image…

does anyone know of a simpilier way or am i just doing this wrong?? i am new to this scripting/masking thing so please please bare with me


Hey, Tracy. The link in your post is dead…is this the tutorial here:

p.s. what are you doin’ hanging out at flashkit anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah thats the link, sorry i thought it was working =) adam, i used your preloader that you helped me with (the one that can preloaded linked mc’s) and i tried doing the masking but it only calls for an image, i need it to mask the whole scene like they do on, do you know of a tut or post, or wutever that i can go about doing this? like i said, the designer said i can use the same tut (from kirupa) to do this masking effect but no work =(