Transition Question

I’ve been using this method for transitions for a long time.

It has always worked for me, even though it is a bit dated, it has always done the trick for me. However, a project I am working on right now requires me to actually “crossfade” each transition. The person I’m helping this with also said that they really didn’t like the idea of multiple .swf files. Sooooo I thought I could use the attachMovie(); function instead. I can get the first movieclip to attach no problem, but after that it seems everything is just getting lost…I really need urgent help on this.

this.onRelease = function() {
		if (_root.currSection == undefined) {
			_root.currSection = "areas";
			_root.container.attachMovie(_root.currSection, _root.currSection+"Section", _root.getNextHighestDepth());
		} else if (_root.currSection != "areas") {
			if (_root.container._currentframe>=_root.container.midframe) {
				_root.currSection = "areas";;

That’s the code I have attached to my buttons. Like I mentioned, it is loading the first clip.

Please anyone that can help, I would really appreciate this, it’s very urgent. Thank you.