Transitions between external SWFs : how to use buttons in loaded ext swf file

Hi people,

I have got a problem here. I will try to explain briefly.
(this question comes up after using the tutorial on kirupa)

My main website is basically one frame on the main timeline.
I prefer loading external swf files as content. On the main timeline I have all the menu options. The tutorial works great, pretty simple and effective.

In the middle section of my website I show the content that is loaded from the ext swf files. Now the problem comes in : most of the swf files that are loaded into that middle part of the website by using that container movieclip and the codes described in the tutorial, have buttons that load in ANOTHER ext swf file that shows extra content.

So the buttons in the ext swf file that ask to load in another ext swf file in the container clip on the main timeline of the main website is not working.

Does anyone know how to adjust the code on the button inside the ext swf to make it able to call ANOTHER ext swf file into the main timeline / container clip ?

Original Code that works to call an ext swf file into the container clip on the mainstage.

on (release) {
if (_root.currMovie == undefined) {
_root.currMovie = “boekrecensies”;
} else if (_root.currMovie != “boekrecensies”) {
if (container._currentframe >= container.midframe) {
_root.currMovie = “boekrecensies”;;

If I had to choose I would say that the _root command might be not working or something. But I am not an expert at coding yet.

Thanks in advance !