Transitions Between External SWFs Tutorial

i was looking over the “Transitions Between External SWFs” Tutorial [font=Verdana][size=1][color=#666666]
[size=2][color=black]by Voetsjoeba :: 21 February 2004[/color][/size]
Great tutorial by the way! if you haven’t read it yet, do so.

i’m using buttons with downstates which work fine with the outro animations but get confused with the intro animations.

the buttons, are old fashioned and, run a timeline so i was thinking there should be some simple solution. some way** to disable the buttons during the intro animations?

some way to check if the container movie is less than **midframe. if so, move the button to its null frame.
in the first frame of the buttons timeline i was thinking something like…

if (_root.container._currentframe < _root.container.midframe) {gotoAndPlay(disabledframe);
}else if (_root.container._currentframe >= _root.container.midframe) {gotoAndPlay(begin button animation);
and this for the "disabledframe"

if (_root.container._currentframe >= _root.container.midframe) {gotoAndPlay(begin button animation);
}else if (_root.container._currentframe < _root.container.midframe) {gotoAndPlay(disabledframe);

or something like that i dont know… do you? :puzzled: