Transitions within one fla with a twist


I have serached high and low for help on this but have been unable to find help so far. There are a few tutorials on transitions between sections within one .fla but I need something a little different. I need each section to intro and outro, but I need the new section to intro on top of the old section and then the old section to disappear once it has been covered.

So far I have a .fla with three buttons and three sections. When a section is chosen, a MC is pulled in using attachMovie and placed with a dropZone. A new dropZone is created for each MC. This new MC then uses swapDepth to move to the top. This code seems to have problems though:

The intros and outros dont seem to play out properly. If you choose 3 first then go to 1, you will see that 3 plays its intro ( black sqaures ) instead of outro ( black circles) before 1 comes in.

Also, even though I have x and y set for the dropZones, after a few clicks, it seems to put the new MC a 0,0.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.