Transparency question re: video

As per the tute here: Transparency

And this link ( Netscape users won’t see it I don’t think ):
Wait for the page to load and you should see an embedded swf with a transparent bg of a woman in the bottom left of your browser window.

I’m wondering if they masked the bg in an editing proggy ( think green-screen ) and when imported into Flash that the flash movie with the video when exported and set to wmode=transparent would it in fact show up transparent except the part of the vid you want opaque?

Sorry if the wording is a bit fuddled.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Okay to lessen the request a little bit.

How to import the video, even embedded, to flash so the background is transparent.

I thought and tried to do layer mask in Flash but this would be way too time consuming, and plain unrealistic to get a fluid look.

I’m thinking now that it may be After Effects but seeing as how I just installed here at work and no-one in the office knows how to use it, I’m forced to teach myself a bit by reading the help files. :frowning:

So if any has even the slightest inclination or at least a suggestion it would be great.

I’m still struggling with this issue and if anyone has anything to contribute I’m listening. :slight_smile:
Even if anyone can help with how something like the following was accomplished.

Well, I know I read somwhere that in the flash publishing settings, you can select somthing to make the movie transparent…Ill look into it more later, I have to get ready for work now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

I’m aware of how to make an .swf transparent, but what I was wondering how to do was to make portions of what looks like video, like the background, to be transparent, as well.

I think I’ve figured out how to do this with After Effects and export as an swf. in vector format.

I’m a total newbie at AE, however, and need to find a way to keep what I made transparent/ masked with Color Key to carry over in the .swf exporting. So far I haven’t had any luck in exporting my Color Key edits from AE.

The reason I would like to have the above be available on export is because otherwise I have to manually go frame by frame in Flash and delete the background with the magic wand tool. So even a short video clip at 30fps is going to need a lot of manual editing in Flash.

Getting closer to what I want to accomplish, but not quite there yet.

Yeah, I see what you are saying, but unfortunatly, I do not have AE, so I have no idea as to how it can be done…