Transparent Background?

I’m fairly new at this…I created a file in Swift 3d of text, saved it as an .SWF file and imported it into Frontpage.

My Frontpage has a theme applied to it and the swf file is showing a white background.

How can I make the background of the graphic transparent so you only see the text on the frontpage web?

Please help! Thanks.


I don’t think there are transparent backgrounds on swift 3d or on flash.
I very much doubt there can be transparent swf movies :-\

But i think there is a way out.
You can try importing the swf file to macromedia flash and export the movie as an ANIMATED GIF SEQUENCE.
Then open the gif with photoshop and delete the background.

If you don’t have photoshop, you can try importing the swf in flash and then add a new layer on which you wanted to see the transparent background of the page and put it there.

Hope it helps

If it doesn’t, publish the swf file. I might help you do it

good luck :slight_smile:

My first time at this board as well as posting. Hoping I can learn a lot here about swift 3d. I do know a little something about flash though. It is true that there is no transparency with in Flash or swf files. But that does not mean they can not be transparent. The trick it the html code. In Flash you can actually export the code to make it transparent. So just write you code for the swf file to be transparent. Of course there is a down side too. Only IE supports the transparency, Netscape does not. In NS it the transparent area shows up as white area.

Hope this helps. I know for a fact that it works in IE.

you can make transparent flash movies.

In FLASH, go to File > Publish Settings

choose the HTML tab. In the window Mode choose ‘Transparent Windowless’. that will make your swf transparent.

I hope that helped you out. Just post your reply if it does not work.

Hey Jaaa,
This is what I was talking about. You have to go to the html tab to choose ‘Transparent Windowless’ because it actually outputs the html code you need. It does nothing to the swf file “movie”. This will only work if you publish the html code not just the movie.


Let us know if you are still having a problem with this so we’ll know if our advise is helpful to you.