Transparent backgrounds

i have a .swf but am using a random background java code

how do i make the background of my .swf Transparent so it does not effect my java

go to your publish settings

in the flash tab, change the Window mode, to “transparent Windowless”

that should do the trick

This only works on IE on Windows machines. Any other browser and/or operating system will show the background color of your movie.

thx for the backup lostinbeta, didn’t knew that

is there a way to change it

sort of takes the point out of it


ok thanks

i have a way around it, there is a timed script for flash that i think it can use, then just match it to the timed java. that should do it:cowboy:

You could set a variable in the javascript (javascript is way different from java btw so I recommend not calling it java) and use loadVars or something to read that variable.

Server-side scripting isn’t my best subject though, so if you want to do that I don’t think I will be of much help.