Transparent JPEG file using embedded paths

[FONT=arial]I have created a class that creates an alpha mask based on vector paths embedded into JPEG files by Photoshop. It gives you a way to dynamically load images with transparent background without using PNG. You can see the the code in action at the link below. Clicking on the movie will turn the alpha mask on and off.

Source code for the class is located here:

The class implements the properties and methods of [COLOR=#000000]flash.display.Loader. You should be able to use it in the same manner. In addition, the following properties and methods are available:

[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pathNames : Array - [read only] Names of the paths defined in the JPEG file.[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]
clipPathNames : Array - Names of the paths to be used to create the alpha mask. More than one can be specified. An integer can be used to indicate the (n + 1)th name. The default value of this field is [ 0 ], meaning the first path. Setting it to null disable the alpha mask.

feather : Number - The amount of feathering at the edge of the resulting image. Opacity of pixels are reduced to improve blending. The Flash blur filter is used to implement this feature. An additional alpha mask is used to prevent bleeding beyond the clipping path.

getPath(name:String) : Array - Returns an array of subpaths that made up the path name. Each subpath is an array of Points defining a series of cubic bezier curves. The first point is the starting point.[/FONT]