Transparent pop-up window


Im was checking out the other day, and a transparent pop-up window appeared in front of the text (covering it; picture contained link; a small “x” for exit in upright corner).

Know what kind of pop-up Im talking about? Im guessing it is made in Flash, and now I want it :slight_smile:

Anybody knows how to do these?

You can use this:

then I think you just put it in a layer…

and, no I don’t work for them :stuck_out_tongue:

nice toy though…


Or you could just publish your movie with a transparent background and load it on a new layer. Of course, Netscape can’t support transparent flash backgrounds, so you have to come up with a script that determines the browser and disables the ad, just like all the other ad things do.

Netscape is a pain when it comes to coding, it was so much trouble learning Javascript for Netscape that I kind of just gave up and most of my Javascript knowledge went to IE.

Anywho, those ads are very annoying, are you sure you want to do them?

Anywho again you can check out this page

He, he, yeah, I hate them too. But in this case I am going to use them as help-pop-up windows in a tutorial of sorts.

That way a person going through the course/tutorial gets (if he chooses - the pop-up option will be connected to a “help”-button that triggers them) help.

Unfortunately, the page has to be viewable in most browser - so lostinbeta, that link wont work unfortunately.

As for the jshapor - well, Ill check it out a bit more.

But Im guessing the easiest solution would load a flashmovie with dynamic text instead of text in html-document, and have it show popup-images.

Thanks for the answers, anyway. :slight_smile:

Anybody else…?