Transparent windows in background after zsort

I want to have the same effect on windows as

I got the z-sort thing right

on (press) {
startDrag("", false, left, top, right, bottom);
_root.toplevel += 1;
_root._alpha = 50;
this._alpha = 200;
on (release, releaseOutside) {

(I have several movies in the fla with different instance names all have buttons which have the above actions)

but as for making the all windows appear transparent in the background when the zsort intialized. It only works once

some help me out:(

Also how does
do this on multiple levels with different swfs?

gobal variables maybe?

please help me out:(

come on somebody gots to know:)

Can you post a small example of the windows you currently have with the code you use?

PS: I have never done this before, but why not give it a try eh?

the code is right there in the 1st post.
Just apply it to a button in a instanced named movie.

I cant the get windows in background to stay transparent:(

An example is at

try something like:

on (press) {
   startDrag("", false, left, top, right, bottom);
   _root.toplevel += 1;
   for(i in _root){
      _root*._alpha = 50;
   this._alpha = 100;

mind you, that will set the _alpha of everything in _root to 50. if there are things in _root that you don’t want to disturb the alpha in, you could put all your windows in an array and cycle through that, or put them all in a clip in _root and cycle through everything in that clip.

re: with external swfs - you can load an external swf into an existing clip, then it will behave just as a clip originally in the published swf.

thanx man it worked like a charm!

To everyone you can get a completed example at

Looks really good man - great work.

it’s too bad they are Xbox colours :slight_smile:

BAH, you get no replies and when I want to give it a shot and try something new, sbeener takes over… :-\

HAHA, better him than me though, sbeener rocks!

Great job :slight_smile: