Tree component customization (align icons)


I was wondering if anyone knew how to align custom tree component icons to the right, instead of aligning them to the left. I know that you can set the align to right in the whole component, but I need to do this only on certain rows.

I’ve also got problems trying to assign different styles (bold text for example) to different nodes (rows). Does anyone know how to do that?

I’ll post files if there’s someone who knows how to accomplish these things.

Thanks in advance!


Actually, these guys have done all that I need to do in their navigation on the right:

I think that that’s a highly customized tree component. So, how to get dirrefent style for different nodes and how to align the icons on the right?

Edit nr 2:

I got the icon aligning to work by tweaking the from the local settings folder.

Now I just need the custom node style done…